Thursday, August 6, 2009

A rewarding process for a rewarding process

Throng is asking for fund raising ideas for the upcoming telethon.

As such, we're compiling our own list of things that would be worthwhile seeing during Telethon that would encourage yourself (or anyone else for that matter) to open your wallet.

Perhaps you have the perfect dare for one of the TV3 presenters? Perhaps you'd be happy to bid on an auction to have lunch with Kate Rodger? If you're old enough to remember, perhaps there is something from a previous Telethon that you'd like to see done again? Whatever it is, let's hear about it.

Oh, I have an idea. It's a "rewarding process", and it'll help not just those in South Auckland, but parents all over the country.

Line up all the TV3 stars (and any others who can make it) and get them to apologise to New Zealand parents for:
  • Calling them violent
  • Insulting their intelligence
  • and trying to deny them their democratic rights
John Key could also make a formal announcement that he'll respect the results of the referendum. That would be nice.

Ok, so that's really the sort of idea they're after. How about setting up Sue Bradford in some public place, and let the public give her a light smack? That'd raise thousands.

Why stop there? Sue could do Auckland, Cindy Kiro Wellington, and other MPs who voted for the law could setup in other towns and cities. Don't forget the NGO heads who are still supporting the "Yes Vote".

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