Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nikki Kaye - FAIL

National MP Nikki Kaye told NZ that she likes the government interferring in peoples lives.

She said about the referendum.

"My worry is that many people I talk to see a 'yes' vote as a vote to reduce family violence and a 'no' vote as a vote to stop the Government interfering and telling them how to bring up their kids. I believe in reducing family violence and Government interference in people's lives."

Thanks Nikki, looks like nanny state is to continue...



  1. The idea of government deciding what is good for our children, brings two words to mind: Nazi Germany.

  2. She said she won't be voting in the referendum because it is an unclear and poorly worded question.

    If you weren't a gigantic child-beating baby, you'd read the sentence as believing in reducing both family violence and reducing Government interference.

    Idiot. I know reading is difficult, but if you try hard enough you'll get there one day!