Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yes Vote Ignores Parents... FAIL!!!

The Yes Vote group report on Children’s Commissioner John Angus in his latest statement...

“I’m pleased that CYF and health services are already focusing on the prevention of abuse and neglect amongst infants, for example in the changes to the Well Child services... We simply cannot afford to ignore the harm done to our children - it is a significant issue for New Zealand and one that requires the full efforts of all those working with families and young children.”

Yeah, typical. The "yes vote" site is all about ignoring that harm and attacking parents who use **reasonable** force to dicipline their children.
Oh, the irony. FAIL!


  1. How many times have you HIT your kids? And how many times did they thank you for it? Fundamentals here. Parent - child relationship. Love or fear. C'mon, stop trying to get people to cheat on their kids. Laziness. I wonder how many violent offenders were hit as kids. We all have different definitions of smacking. Think about that. How hard is a smack versus a hit? Learn about the problems in our society before saying that reasnoble force is O.K. We all know some amongst us are not reasnoble. Would you wear a t-shirt that says "I SMACK MY KIDS" ??? Are you proud of condoning violence???

  2. smacking is a form of physical correction with the use of reasonable force. Hitting on the other hand is unacceptable and can only be classed as child abuse in this context.

  3. Chris, that is a very confused comment. Perhaps you could clarify some points and come back to us.

    Start with reading the law as it now stands - reasonable force is allowed under several circumstances for example.