Monday, July 20, 2009

Celebrity Endorsement FAIL

The Herald this morning has a story on celebrity endorsements in the referendum.
On the Vote No website, Barnett fronts a video saying, "Kiwi parents know the difference between a light smack and child abuse."

But at the Auckland Town Hall yesterday, Malcolm filmed a statement of support for the "anti-smacking" law with former TV One newsreader Judy Bailey, Kidzone host Kayne Peters, author Brian Edwards and others.

"I'm supporting this because I believe that any type of violence towards children is completely unacceptable," she said.

Malcolm has never smacked her sons, now aged 5 and 3.

"I have wanted to smack them - I've felt the urge," she admitted.
So while the "No Vote" headline celebrity expresses confidence in Kiwi families, the "Yes Vote" counterpart - in her own words - confesses to violent urges!

Who do you think is going to bring in more votes?

Celebrity endorsement - FAIL!


  1. I stumbled across this blog whilst reading various claims about section 59.

    I have a couple of comments:

    First, as an avid reader of the original I find it cringeworthy that you have attempted to use such a brilliant concept in such a lame way. Malcolm admitting to "violent urges" does not constitute a FAIL. You seem to totally miss the point of her comments. She believes a good parent does not, even if the urge arises, hit their children.

    Secondly, while I have not made my mind up about this issue, I certainly don't ever approve of misleading information, for the record, Malcolm goes on to say "I separate myself from them ... I'm the adult, I'm the one who can remove myself or put them in front of a video for 20 minutes and go and make a cup of tea." To leave out the rest of the quote is really bad form, even for a sad blog like this.

    Furthermore, In your post titled "Yes Vote Ignores Parents... FAIL!!!" you state that "The "yes vote" site is all about ignoring that harm and attacking parents who use **reasonable** force to dicipline their children. Oh, the irony. FAIL!." First I don't think you understand the concept of irony (I honestly FAIL to see the irony in this sentence), and you spelt discipline wrong.

    Basically my overall point is: PLEASE STOP. This type of lame mud throwing does not in any way help people understand the referendum's question, nor bring anything to the discussion that hasn't already been brought. And to achieve nothing, in a seriously painful way is just too much for me to cope with.

    Thank you for reading my comment, though I doubt you will publish it.


  2. Agreed with Hana - first up, this is dishonest quotation, so poor form there. Secondly, surely there is better ammunition for your cause than this? Grasping at such straw makes you look bad, not the Yes side.

  3. I don't think removing the rest of the quote is bad form, if anything, the rest of it makes her look far, far worse.

    The other post you refer to wasn't posted properly. Gr. Must fix that.

    The quote is a little mischievous, it's intended to be. Malcolm derides certain behaviour as violent, then admits she has urges to do them - ergo she is admitting to violent urges.

    Of course, if she has the urge to actually deal with a discipline issue in a reasonable way, this is a good thing - but by using the disgracefully dishonest language of the "yes vote" campaign she is hoisted by her own petard and we're happy to point that out.