Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Law change in Sweden - FAIL!

One is left constantly wondering if the Yes Vote site actually read what they put on their site.
Today, I found this.
How would you say your experience differs from how children are disciplined in Sweden today?

Today in Sweden we have developed different strategies in child discipline. There is very little physical punishment that you hear about. We still are talking a lot about parenting issues though. Parents in Sweden today are struggling between full time work, their own hobbies and giving their children attention. Parents try very hard but don’t find time enough for everything. This often leads to parents feeling very bad about themselves, and to compensate they let their children do anything they want and this can also be a problem and has become a big topic of conversation.

So the "solution" most commonly employed by parents in Sweden is to just let children run free?

Wow, let's copy that!

Convincing us that banning smacking has worked overseas - FAIL!


  1. Dear Mr FAIL

    Well done on ripping of someone else's cool website. Looks good. I do however have to question your intelligence in accusing a country of failing in a law change when most likely you yourself have never visited this country or any others that have outlawed smacking and physical punishment of children for over 20 years!

    Fortunately I was born in a country where smacking was outlawed over 20 years ago (not Sweden but another country in the European Union as there are in fact over 10 countries that have successfully outlawed physical punishment without society turning crazy or children running free as you claim!) Young people in my generation...millions in fact because our countries that have banned smacking are 10 and 20 times the size of NZ...are well adjusted, educated, mannered and civil in ever way you could ask for. We are doctors, lawyers, police officers, clerks, teachers and so on. Just because our parents and law makers don't believe in physical punishment certainly did not mean no discipline and no guidance.

    No smacking does not mean no discipline and if you can't figure out ways in which to raise a child without hitting them then you are exactly the kind of parent this law is aimed at!

    If would be nice if you could do some proper research on the outcomes of no smacking in the numerous countries in Europe that have had such legislation for decades and not just use Sweden to fit your propaganda! Austria, Germany, Denmark, Norway and many others have all either removed their defence or actually outlawed physical punishment of children.....and before you say that doesn't stop child abuse...well I guess outlawing murder in NZ also doesn't stop people from killing each other but I don't know whether you or anyone else in NZ would therefore not want a law against murder in your country....

    There are many of us from Europe that live in New Zealand and find your statements and websites and blogs like your one abhorrent, untruthful and simply stupid in your insults and accusations for our European legislative systems just because that interpretation suits your agenda.

    If you want to implicate a country like Sweden in your ridiculous debates on here please have the decency and intelligence to at least investigate research from that country and the many others before smearing our name!!!

    Pissed off European Citizen!!!

  2. "No smacking does not mean no discipline and if you can't figure out ways in which to raise a child without hitting them then you are exactly the kind of parent this law is aimed at!"

    This isn't about hitting - it's about reasonable force.

    By removing that provision from the law, conceivably any discipline at all - even talking is illegal.

    I'm aware that there are some perfectly nice people raised in countries like Sweden, but I've also seen that children are still tortured like they are here, no matter how long the law has been changed for.

  3. Actually, you miss the point.

    The point is that, even on the "yes vote" site, material is posted which undermines their own case. They are a campaign which is continueously shooting themselves in the foot.

    Of course given the contradictory and dishonest nature of their campaign, they can do nothing else.