Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kayne Peters Endorsement - FAIL!

Kane Peters is a children's TV presenter.

He his throwing his weight behind the "Yes Vote" campaign.

Unfortunately, as well as having a big goofy smile, he's a bit goofy on the law. He says "no one in New Zealand should be able to assault anyone, including our children..."

So I guess Kane will be contacting his local MP to remove the Police's right to use force, not to mention the great many provisions in our law for self protection, discipline on board ships and aircraft etc...

Sorry Kane, but the right to use reasonable force (or as you put it, "assault") is widespread throughout our law. The recently removed rights of parents were not some bizarre anomaly, but a provision perfectly consistent with the rest of the law, in that where authority is required, reasonable force is authorised for those in authority.

He continues "and I think there should be programs and models... for parents and adults to show them how to discipline tamariki, our children, in a good and healthy way".

Unfortunately, the law change he is supporting has made discipline impossible - and was intended to do so. All force (even speaking) for the purpose of correction is now regarded as assault. Sure, you might not get caught, or even prosecuted but that doesn't change the fact that it's unlawful.

Now, if he is genuine in his belief, I have an idea. Let's make force "reasonable in the circumstances" legal again, and educate parents on the difference between reasonable and excessive - i.e. assault and dicipline.

How about it Kayne?

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  1. Dear Scrubone,

    It is obvious that you had a dull childhood and possibly a traumatic viewers experience while watching an episode of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

    Goofy is a well liked character in more destinations of the globe than this pathetic article will reach. Sorry, but your pursuit to demerit a spokesperson for the young human beings who are too innocent to understand politics has failed.

    Unfortunately, reasonable force towards children cannot be measured because their development in life is not identical and they cannot comprehend wether or not "dicipline" they may receive is reasonable.

    Now, if you genuinely believe that you can listen to the thoughts of our young New Zealanders, your schizophrenic like abilities are certainly hearing the wrong voices because I'm certain that if you ask a child if they want a 'smack' the answer most definately won't be YES.