Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yes Vote Pleads "Withdraw Petition" FAIL!

The Yes Vote group requests that Sheryl Savill dishonour the 390,000 Kiwis who signed the petition, by withdrawing it, thus causing the referendum to not go ahead...

"If the instigators of the citizens initiated referendum are serious about making life better for children in New Zealand, they should exercise their ability to stop the referendum and save some of the $9 million committed to this futile PR stunt.  This is money that could be applied to making a real difference for New Zealand’s children and their families."

Yeah whatever. We're hardly going to collect 390,000 signatures and then turn round and say "hey, the little Yes Vote group doesn't want us to go ahead with this referendum... let's call it off".

We agree that it is a waste of $9m but this was Helen Clark's decision, as she refused to allow the referendum to proceed as was expected, at the '08 election.


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