Friday, June 19, 2009

Slogan FAIL

The Yes Vote campaign are desperately pushing a minority view... they know that aprox 83% of Kiwis think that a smack is not child abuse. So what they are attempting to do is to twist the language in order to make their position seem credible. The word "smack" becomes the more emotive "hit", and children are presented as autonomous citizens who need no correction. Here's some of their FAIL slogans...


  1. "What happens when a 'little smack' doesn't work any more?"

    But what happens when "time out" doesn't work any more? Same problem, only worse.

    At least if you are comfortable with smacking you have a wide range of different discipline options you can use when one doesn't work - you can try time out for example. Most people would combine smacking with other forms of discipline.

    But if you won't ever use physical discipline, and your PC non-physical stuff stops working, what are you supposed to do then?

  2. Timmy, give me a yell if you're keen to join the blogging team here at Yes Vote FAIL!